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Nathaniel and Alecia Russell, founders
Holy Spirit Support Group, Inc.


Nathaniel D. Russell, M.D., is a board certified physician in Family Medicine and is currently employed as an attending physician. He is also a veteran in the US Air Force as he served in Operation Southern Watch and Operation Iraqi Freedom. He has received numerous honors as well as The Meritorious Service Medal and Innovation in Core Values and Excel award. He is passionate about  sharing a prophetic message from the Lord regarding the importance of the unity of the faith according to Ephesians 4 to equip the saints. Trained as a physician, he realizes that just as a person's body needs to be physically healthy, the body of Christ needs to be spiritually healthy and filled with believers who are prosperous and in good health as their soul prospers. His message on unity through the five-fold ministry gifts, promises to encourage and strengthen the body of Christ.

Alecia M. Russell, Ed.D. is a leader in education and presently employed as a School Psychologist. Alecia is also a licensed minister through City Harvest Network and a 2021 graduate of Valor Christian College in which she holds a Pastoral Certificate in Pastoral Leadership. She serves as the pastor of the Holy Spirit Support Group and is anointed to teach on the Holy Spirit, line upon line, precept upon precept, to enable believers to understand the Holy Spirit as a gift Jesus promised to believers. She has received many accolades including the Educator of the Year award and a nomination for Dissertation of the Year. Alecia is also gifted in singing and has written various songs and recently released her newest single, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me” available on all streaming platforms.

In 1999, Nathaniel and Alecia received the baptism in the Holy Spirit after responding to an altar call together, while attending Word of Faith International Christian Center in Southfield, Michigan. Struggling for years to fully understand this gift, they realized a vital need for discipleship to believers regarding the Holy Spirit. They have authored a book, The Gift of the Holy Spirit: Ten Lessons on the Holy Spirit, available on Amazon, providing 10 clear and concise lessons to help people understand the presence, work and gift of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Rich with personal testimonies and experiences, insight regarding the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost, reasons to be filled with the Spirit, and much more, this book is a must read for believers desiring deeper insight and revelation regarding the baptism in the Holy Spirit.


Nathaniel and Alecia are currently the spiritual son and daughter of International Prophet Ed Traut, of Prophetic Life Ministries, who is their ministry covering and overseer. They are actively involved in ministry with him. They are also members of World Harvest Church in Columbus, OH and have four lovely children. 


In 2020, Nathaniel and Alecia founded the Holy Spirit Support Group, Inc., dedicated to providing teaching on the Holy Spirit through Prophetic Encounters, Exciting Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare Events, Prayer in the Spirit Conferences, and Holy Spirit Support Home Group Meetings to promote unity and maturity in the body of Christ. They use their book as the curriculum tool for their powerful teachings during the home group meetings. For bookings or more information regarding starting a Holy Spirit Support Home Group or products, call: 614-349-8955 or email:

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